Waste management expertise for a better world

Bangalore Project

In this arrangement Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) has provided BBHA with 5 acres of industrial land on grant for 20 years and BBHA has appointed NEX to design, build and operate a 250 TPD food waste – Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) processing plant. In this service NEX collects & transports pre-segregated organic waste from institutional customers and bulk generators, in scientifically designed, enclosed, odorless & drip free collection vehicles. The waste is then scientifically processed at NEX’s eco friendly waste-energy processing plant.
Benefits to the members of the BBHA include a green certificate for environment friendly disposal of their organic waste. NEX also makes available CBG to institutional customers at mutually acceptable, commercial terms.


Sustainable Triple-Impact


  • Improvement of social health and sanitation standards
  • Generation of organized employment in a relatively un-organized sector
  • Ensures Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Surplus 1.8 lac liters of recycled clean water is generated every day after waste processing that can be used for farming & agricultural purposes.
  • NPK rich; 25 tons of organic manure is generated every day,that can directly be used for agriculture purpose and replace conventional chemical fertilizers. This over the period of time improves the quality & quantity of the yield produced.
  • Production of renewable energy
  • Transformation of organic waste into high quality fertiler






  • Scientific treatment of organic waste and energy recovery
  • Climatic twin-effect: Reduces CO2 emission by replacing fossil
    fuel and capturing uncontrolled methane and other green house
    gas emissions
  • Total of 105000 tons of CO2 emission reduction per year. This is
    equivalent to eliminating pollution from 50,000 passenger cars
    every day
    (As per statistics of year 2011, passenger car emits around 104 g of CO2 per kilometer.)
  • Production of renewable energy
  • Transformation of organic waste into high quality fertilizer



  • A scientifically treated 250 TPD MSW facility will require 5 acres
    of land fixed for 20 years compared to untreated dumping land fill
    site that requires over 8.75 acres land (assuming 10 mtr heap
    of garbage) per year (175 acres landfill over 20 years) for the same
    250 TPD waste, thus freeing up of land for other constructive use
  • The solution proposed by NEX will transform waste liabilities into
    new profit centres as this ensures elimination of cost for
    pick-up, transportation and land fill site expenses for Municipal
  • It reduces dependence on energy imports as Compressed Bio-Gas
    can be used to replace or substitute a wide range of fossil
    fuels including LPG, Natural Gas, Diesel, Boiler fuels amongst others
  • Ensure effective governance Benefits of Sustainable Triple-Impact


NEX Waste Processing Plant- Unique Features:

Odorless & Noiseless The central processing plant is based on an anaerobic digestion system (CSTR technology) with water based cleaning, scrubbing and compression system that converts the organic waste slurry into compressed bio gas (CBG) Designed to handle all types of biodegradable waste including fruit & vegetable peels, process & plate waste, used kitchen oil/grease, tissue paper & garden waste Designed for continuous feeding of waste Ensures maximum volatile solids degradation, avoidance of heat losses Waste water from the system is re-circulated to ensure minimal fresh water requirement or discharge Conforms to European standards of safety and environment. By-product generated from the process will be nitrogen rich, organic fertilizer that replaces conventional chemical fertilizers for farming and agriculture purpose Compressed Biogas (CBG) produced at the processing plant will be marketed to institutional clients for replacement of conventional energy sources.