Renewable energy towards a Better World

NobleExchange leads the path to a better world. Striving each day to restore the innocence of a green and tranquil planet we inherited. Creating a world that enables a better quality of life for the next generation. Offering green solutions that ensure progress and profits need not be at the cost of the environment. By Recycling waste and in its place, and transforming it to offering rejuvenated, eco-friendly solutions for a greener tomorrow. create a symbiotic exchange that is truly noble. It is this transofmational process which has inspired the name Noble-Exchange’


Accelerating climate change, environmental imbalance problems, and diminishing natural resources are having a negative impact on quality of health and life. accelerating climate change, environmental problems, and diminishing natural resources with associated health problems. At the same time, domestic reliance on foreign oil, geopolitical unrest, and the prospect of future fuel shortages has driven public dialogue and research towards alternative energies. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) sent to landfills presents a crucial untapped resource in solving this problem - touching on every aspect of the issue: clean fuel; land-use; health; water, land and air pollution; and economic and strategic resilience.


Landfills are a hazard to human health through contamination of groundwater, breeding disease carriers and emission of poisonous greenhouse gases. Alternatives to landfills such as composting, or incineration are either economically unviable or environmentally unsustainable.

Organic refuse-processing facilities using Anaerobic Digestion (AD) - a process in which microorganisms break down biodegradable waste to produce biogas and organic manure - offer two important benefits: environmentally safe waste management and disposal, as well as generation of clean, renewable energy. AD greatly reduces the environmental impact of MSW including the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions. AD technology is an environmentally sound and techno-economically viable way to treat biodegradable waste. Biogas when cleaned and purified to 95% purity can be used as alternate fuel for natural gas vehicles or replace other fossil fuels such as LPG, Diesel, Furnace Oils, etc. CBG is certified as a 100% carbon-neutral gas by the United Nations Federation for Climate Control (UNFCC).

Anaerobic Digester processing facilities have further led into the associated beneficial opportunities of organic agriculture and mass mobility solutions.

Our Journey

March 2015

Concession Agreement awarded by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

July 2016

Plant constructed with 300 TPD capacity and all statutory permissions including environmental clearance, PESO license, PCB clearance, power connection, etc. received.

July 2016 – July 2017

Trials for use of CBG for transport conducted in association with TATA Motors, ARAI, VRDE, Bio Fuels Committee, NITI Aayog & others. Data shared with Govt. Authorities to influence policy for adoption of CBG as alternate fuel for the transport sector.

August 2017

Plant shut down due to regulatory issues with sale of CBG for transport sector.

November 2017

Hon. Minister – Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoPNG) visits NobleExchange plant (interaction with PMC Commissioner, Pune Smart City CEO, Head Sustainability Infosys, Head R&D – CNG busses – TATA Motors).

June 2018

BioFuels Policy adopted by Government of India – recognizing CBG as Modern Biofuel good for use as Transport Fuel in conventional CNG engine vehicles.

October 2018

SATAT program launched by MoPNG making it mandatory for OMC’s to sign CBG off-take arrangements with private CBG producing companies.

January 2019

NobleExchange signs LOI with Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) for CBG off-take that is first under the SATAT program.

January 2019

NobleExchange commences repair and restart activity for the plant.

June 2019

Phase I with 100 TPD processing capacity plant successfully restarted and Mahindra CIE adopts CBG for replacement of High Speed Diesel (HSD) used in manufacturing process for direct combustion purpose.

September 2019

Indian Oil commences operations of India’s first CBG retail outlet at Talegaon with CBG supplied from NobleExchange Pune plant. First of its kind CBG retail outlet in the world - outside of Sweden.

September 2019 - October 2020
  • Over 500 tons CBG dispensed into 70000+ vehicles from IOCL – CBG retail outlet at Talegaon replacing 500 tons fossil fuel
  • Over 180 tons CBG supplied to Mahindra CIE replacing 225 KL furnace oil for direct combustion purpose
  • Over 14000 tons food waste processed during this time
  • Impact of over 16300 tco2e/yr created in this period